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IsRequiredDateSold = requiredFields[9] == 'T', What does the 9 really mean. Index Value?

I have the following method below and I'm having a hard time understanding what does the following notation mean... The following code is reading from a table and converting it to a variable just not sure why the 9?

requiredFields[9] == 'T',  why a 9?

public static GeneralSetupProgramJobParameter GetProgramJobParameters(
            GeneralSetupProgramJobParameter item,
            string reqdfields,
            string prodparam,
            string chngparam,
            string estutilfld,
            bool defaultStatus0For2ndPrgm
                var requiredFields = reqdfields.ToCharArray();
                var productionDefaults = prodparam.ToCharArray();
                var changeParams = chngparam.ToCharArray();
                var estUtilFields = estutilfld.ToCharArray();

                item.DefaultToStatus0For2ndProgram = defaultStatus0For2ndPrgm;

                item.ProgramJobRequiredFields = new ProgramJobRequiredFields
                    IsRequiredDateSold = requiredFields[9] == 'T',
                    IsRequiredSalesPerson = requiredFields[11] == 'T',
                    IsRequiredSource = requiredFields[10] == 'T',
                    IsRequiredSize = requiredFields[16] == 'T',
                    IsRequiredRoute = requiredFields[14] == 'T',
                    IsRequiredCancelDate = requiredFields[12] == 'T',
                    IsRequiredCancelReason = requiredFields[13] == 'T',
                    IsRequiredRejectReason = requiredFields[15] == 'T',
                    IsRequiredEstimatedBy = requiredFields[26] == 'T',

                item.ProductionDefaults = new ProductionDefaults
                    ProductAmounts = productionDefaults[0] == 'T',
                    StartTime = productionDefaults[1] == 'T',
                    EndTime = productionDefaults[2] == 'T',
                    WindSpeedAndDirection = productionDefaults[4] == 'T',
                    Temperature = productionDefaults[5] == 'T',
                    pH = productionDefaults[6] == 'T',
                    ConditionCodes = productionDefaults[8] == 'T',
                    Rating = productionDefaults[9] == 'T',
                    SaveAssociatedConditions = productionDefaults[7] == 'T',
                    Size = productionDefaults[10] == 'T',
                    Price = productionDefaults[11] == 'T',

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Is it something that was auto generated by VS?
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Your function recieves a string called reqdfields. That gets split into a character array and stored in a variable called requiredFields.

This line:

IsRequiredDateSold = requiredFields[9] == 'T'

sets the IsRequiredDateSold variable to either true or false, by checking whether the 10th item in the requiredFields variable is equal to the letter T.
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