needing a wireless light bulb which can be setup with Amazon Echo (2nd generation) using their website instead of an app

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Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

              From a currently open post, it is my understanding that I can purchase online a TPLink Lightbulb which is compatible with Amazon Echo (2nd generation) which can be used to control the contrast and even color of the lighting.  That said, I am wondering if I can simply go to and set it up or will I need to have a mobile device with an app.  Hopefully, I can go to the Amazon Alexa link to do this because my phone is a very basic one.   After all, I was able to successfully go to this site to set Amazon Echo (2nd generation) up.  If for some reason TPLink Lightbulbs require a mobile device with an app, is there any alternative wireless light bulbs which can be set up with Alexa through their website?  

              Thanks in advance for any attention and feedback given to this question.

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Hello GMartin,

Searching Alexa's Smart Home Skills (after signing into an Amazon account through the portal), I was able to find the TP-LINK Kasa smart home skill which TP-LINK publishes, and allows users to control TP-LINK smart devices through Alexa.

You should be able Enable the skill through that page. Under ABOUT THIS SKILL they describe how to set up the skill and discover your new devices. Amazon has support pages to help with this process and

Martin Nguyen
Brandon LyonWeb Developer/Designer

The short answer is yes, compatible smart home devices can be setup using the alexa website rather than the app. Martin's first link also describes a way to set them up via voice only ("Alexa, discover my devices").


Hello Martin and Brandon

         Thank you both for sharing your suggestions in addition to the helpful links.  My question here has certainly been answered.


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