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virtualization labs

Great day experts,
I hope all is doing well. I was wondering does anyone know of any virtualization labs books or software that would give you a step by step (or close to it) that I can purchase? As an example, I have purchased "Lab Manual - Enterprise Network Solution Volume II: Setup An Enterprise Network From Scratch - Step By Step Guide For Dummy".

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First off you need some hardware a used server is a good choice for the base
Choose your virtualization platform, Hyper-V or ESXI
You will have to check the hardware compatibility list for the product in question to ensure that the server you are contemplating on buying will work.  My current lab is so old that it won't support the latest version of ESXI as the cpu's are too old. Last years ESXI no problem.

There are thousands of books on basic settings of the hypervisor are available (pick your poison hyper-v/esxi).. There are linux builds (enterprise) that also support virtualization using qmenu or kvm.

You could even use vmware workstation (paid) or virtual box on a desktop computer. The problem using your desktop is (a) memory (b) disk iops (c) cpu cycles available.

It really depends upon what the purpose of the lab is. I have 2 servers each with 128GB of ram, 8 x 900GB hard drives in raid 5. I have 23 virtual machines in my lab that I can live migrate from server to server.

The lab is slow compared to a production system but the price of the components was right. Hard drives (2.5" SAS are expensive even for refurbs)
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