Jquery Autocomplete does not display drop down with results

I have code that I have used on three other projects without issue but for some reason on this site, the autocomplete (jquery) will not show the dropdown.   Dev tools is showing that it is reading the .cfc file and returning the values it should be but nothing shows up.  I tried various CSS fixes for z-index but that didn't help either.  I can't figure out what else i am missing or have wrong...


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the ajax response seems empty...
you're sending bad data and not a JSON object, you need to send a valid object, so remove this "header", we see this at the begining of the server response :
<!--   Client Name: AHLEF  Scholarship (Dev) 
Client ID: 
Client Secret: 
Client URL: 

Client Name: AHLEF  Scholarship 
Client ID: 
Client Secret: 
Client URL: -->

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@leakim971 - Good catch.  

@digitalwise - The reason the comments show up at all is because they're missing a "-". Should be 3 of them "<!--- --->" instead of 2 "<!-- -->".  

Also using CFM pages for ajax has always been tricky because any extra output breaks it, like it did here. Try using <cfsilent> or <cfsetting enableCFoutputOnly="...">, etc... to suppress extraneous output. OR use a cfcomponent and remote function instead. Then it's easy to suppress extra output: <cffunction output="false"....>.
digitalwiseAuthor Commented:
I will leave the swear words for myself - that you SO much.  I didn't even think to check the dang application file...  Thank you!
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