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We need to place a .rdp shortcut in the desktop folder of all our user's roaming profile. Looking for a script to quickly accomplish this. The user's roaming profile directory names are in this format: "username.contoso.V6", within this directory is a "desktop" directory which is where we'd like to copy the shortcut.

source: c:\folder\rdpshortcut.rdp
destination: \\gsf1\rds\username.contoso.V6\desktop
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Something like this would do the trick for you

$source = "C:\folder\rdpshortcut.rdp"

$destination = "\\gfs1\rds\"

$children = Get-ChildItem -Path $destination | ?{ $_.PSIsContainer -and $_.Name -like "*.contoso.V6" }

foreach ($child in $children)
    $destPath = $child.FullName + "\desktop"
    Copy-Item -Path $source -Destination $destPath

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Thanks Dustin that worked perfectly!..

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