Exchange 2016 Server C: Drive spaces is keep on getting reduced.

Srinivasan Asokan
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Exchange 2016 Server C: Drive spaces is keep on getting reduced. We are supposed to stop the transport service and relocate the file SMS Data File (.que) manually. This is becoming a burden. Any help/advice will be highly appreciated !!!
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We do not use Exchange 2016 since we use cloud-based Exchange but without knowing your Exchange server configuration, this may be more of a configuration issue.  During my early years of Exchange 5.5/2000, we kept application on the C: drive and database/transaction logs on the E: drive. Never had an issue with database size except for application limitations. Transaction logs is what you need to watch out for as that can take up space, but when a full backup completes, those logs are supposed to be truncated and deleted.

But in any event, I found this old article which may help your situation:

Again, we don't use in-house server, so this is the best that I could assist with.
System Administrator / Postmaster
It is due to default logging being much more intense than previous versions.
Exchange 2013/2016 does a good job of autodiagnosis but it uses lots of space.

This neat script works perfectly: set number of days to keep  it and schedule it


Thank you both for your valuable suggestions. We will try to schedule the script share by Michelango !!!

Thanks a ton Michelangelo !!!!

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