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Can't sync in OneNote 2016, password prompt; error 0xe0000024


I'm having trouble with not being able to sync in OneNote 2016, it errors out stating 'We need the password to sync this notebook. Error code 0xE0000024'.
This happened after I upgraded my machine to Office 2016 from Office 2007.

I researched the error and deleted all cached credentials in Control Panel > Users, no change.
I signed out of OneNote and signed back in with my Windows credentials, no change.
I signed into One Note Online and did not see my notes there either.

Any other ideas?

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If you signed into OneNote online and don't see your notebook, there is a good chance you signed into the wrong account. Have you ever used any other accounts for OneNote in the past?
I think you should have backed up the One Note files, uninstalled all, and then installed new.

Make sure you have a backup of the One Note files, and Outlook .PST files if you have these. Uninstall Office 2016 and make sure (Programs and Features) that all bits of Office 2007 have been uninstalled.

Restart, install Office 2016, patch and then restore your One Note files and open them.

I am using One Note 2016, Office 2016 and have lots of One Notes.
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@ITguy565 - I believe the user had three accounts total (a work account and two personal ones).

@ John - I have not tried reinstalling Office yet.  It seems the notebooks were online only, nothing saved locally in the default Documents > OneNote Notebooks folder.  If online only, is there still a file locally I need to be aware of?  I've only ever saved mine locally.
If online only, is there still a file locally I need to be aware of?

Only if Notes were syncing from Online to Local Notes.
So oddly enough, I created some online test notes on my machine, and despite receiving the same error as the user, they successfully synced and I was able to view them.  The user stated he was able to sync the notes yesterday while in the office (vs. VPN originally) but was unable to verify if he could view them.  I should know more tomorrow.
Please keep us posted. Thanks.
@ John - the user emailed back, stating he cannot open notebooks he created, before the 2016 upgrade.  Hopefully his data isn't lost.  I'm waiting to hear back from him to further troubleshoot.
Yes, I hope so too. The data should be at least in .one files where One Note keeps its local data.
So, it looks like his notes got moved to a 'Misplaced Sections' section.  I was able to copy them over to our work account, and it synced so that he is able to view them online now as well.

When I created a test tab and tried syncing to the work account, it errored out stating 'something went wrong during sync. error code 0x8004005'.  This happens both auto and manually syncing.  The user's main concern was getting his notes back, so he's happy, but wondering about this sync issue.
Just double check the sync settings. Maybe do an Office Repair as well.
@ John - Well, if I try the sync on my machine, it errors out with the same msg, but *does* successfully sync online.  Despite the error, looks like it is working.
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