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Jonny B
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I am getting and error when trying to move a vm from a local data store to a dell power vault direct access data store. In version 6.5 of sphere.  I have moved a few of the other servers with no errors.  However, these  virtual were done in either version 4 or 5 version.  I checked all the vmware settings and didn't see any settings that were wrong as far as I could tell..    Both my host servers have access to the powervault with no issues.  I have another servers that migrated from this setup just fine.  So it has to be something with the VM themselves.  
Anyone have any ideas how to eliminate this error so I can migrate these few servers over to the powervault direct access storage??
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE Fellow)VMware and Virtualization Consultant
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Is the migration being down, with the VM powered on or off ?
Jonny BTech (CEO)


Yes Andrew I have the VM that we are migrating  powered off.  I used to have custom settings on the resources for more shares on the vm.  I changed all of those settings to normal with my virtual drives in the vm being think provisioned.  at 99 or 100% of the migration it throws this error.  I tried this in both vpshere 5.5 and now migrated to version 6.5 on the vpshere.  However my hosts servers are still sitting at 5.5 only because i want these VM servers off the local datastores.  Then once all my servers are on the direct storage.  I will upgrade the hosts to version 6.5.  :-)
Tech (CEO)
After spending 2 days with vmware support.  We found the issue.  What ending up happening was the vms where older from version 4.0  that where upgraded to version 5.5 and had custom share settings on the hard  drives.  Setting the shares to high on the vms and saving the configuration changes.  Let us migrate the vms without any issues.  

I also want to  agree with the experts that you want to switch your windows vsphere to the linux.  Anything above vsphere 5.5 windows version is extremely buggy.  Vsphere 6.7  windows version is not compatible with 5.5 hosts and even vpshere 6.5  windows version gave me grief.  After 2 rebuilds of windows servers.  I gave up and went to the Linux Appliance version.  Supposedly according to support Vsphere 6.7 windows version is the last version for windows.  I honestly think they should have pulled at at Vpshere windows version 6.0.

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