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DNS setup for public DNS - 2 DNS servers 1 at ISP 1 in our on prem DMZ

Setup of DNS - 1 in my DMZ and I in ISP location - public DNS servers

I'm receiving feedback from some external experienced engineers that the above setup is weird. I sense there my be something wrong - but from what ive researched this is good practice.
They are both primary authoritative name servers for our public domain. - there is no zone transfer between them.

The ISP controlled DNS is frustrating to a degree as we need to ring them frequently to get unusual entries completed. EG SPF records. Then I need to place the same record in my DMZ on-prem hosted DNS server (which i can do myself easily). So there is double entry required.
The question I'm asking is is this an unusual setup for public DNS for an organization?. Whats wrong with it ? Thanks
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I have no idea of where the ISP fits in here. That is unless the ISP is also your domain registrar.
At your domain registrar you can use their DNS or use your own NAME SERVERS. If you use your own NS's then you have to allow port 53 inbound from the WAN (DNS)

The recommendation is to have 2 Name Server IP addresses not in the same subnet. (Not always do-able).  What I do is : I use Cloudflare to manage my DNS except for (my internal domain name) this way for anything external facing I normally only have to edit cloudflare's dns settings
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Thanks our ISP - has a DNS service - there is no port firewall issue - its a question around the setup

1 - manged externally - Cloud DNS if you like)
1 - manged in the DMZ - on prem

so yes that's 2 name servers not on the same subnet.
question - is this unusual strange setup?
other than I'd prefer an external DNS that I can manage rather than the call and request change it is normal.
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