ShellExecute from a Delphi service but the application must be visible

I have many problem to run a .bat (with a 'start cmd /c myapplication.exe' ) from a service. I have try ShellExecute but i have myapplication.exe running in background and never appears. My appilcation.exe is an APPTYPE CONSOLE.

I have try:
ShellExecute(0, 'open', 'c:\mydir\my.bat', nil, nil, SW_SHOWNORMAL) ;
or similar but this don't work!

I know that is difficult to execute a visual application from a service.
Can someone help me?

Windows 10
RAD Studio 10.2

Thanks in advice.
Andrea MatthiaeSoftware engineeringAsked:
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Abhishek SharmaCommented:
1. Why are you not starting your program directly?
2. You can call bat file in cmd like:
ShellExecute(HInstance, PChar('open'), PChar('cmd'),
    PChar('/c "' + BatFile + '"'), PChar(ExtractFileDir(BatFile)), SW_SHOWNORMAL);

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Andrea MatthiaeSoftware engineeringAuthor Commented:
Hi Abhishek Sharma.

With your code the application start but is not visible; in the Windows Task Manager is in the "Backround Process list".
Abhishek SharmaCommented:
Yet again, did you run that exe to see if it creates console and not free it?

Also, if you're opening it via CMD, "/c" starts it and exits, try after removing it.

Also, for running it directly, try this:

procedure ShellExecAndWait(sExe, sCommandLine, sWorkDir: string;
  Wait, Freeze: Boolean; Show: Boolean = True);
  exInfo: TShellExecuteInfo;
  Ph: DWORD;
  WorkDir: PChar;
  if sWorkDir = '' then
    WorkDir := nil
    WorkDir := PChar(WorkDir);
  FillChar(exInfo, sizeof(exInfo), 0);
  with exInfo do
    cbSize := sizeof(exInfo);
    Wnd := GetActiveWindow();
    exInfo.lpVerb := 'open';
    exInfo.lpParameters := PChar(sCommandLine);
    lpFile := PChar(sExe);
    lpDirectory := WorkDir;
    nShow := SW_SHOW;
  if ShellExecuteEx(@exInfo) then
    Ph := exInfo.hProcess
  if Wait then
    while WaitForSingleObject(exInfo.hProcess, 0) <> WAIT_OBJECT_0 do
      if Freeze = false then

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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
that's normal. not being visible.
a service is a background non-visible item.  It doens't have a front end.
the only interaction you can have with it, is starting and stopping it.

if you want your program to be visible, then don't start it via the service.
for instance, write a form application and start it with that.

on the programming side, you can interact with messages and things a like, but still, not visible

if you want to know what your program does, let it write a log file
and examine that log file.

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Andrea MatthiaeSoftware engineeringAuthor Commented:
Thanks Geert, I was hoping there is a possible solution but your answer confirms that it is impossible.
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