Internal emails sent to Junk Folder

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We have a couple of users experiencing an issue where internal emails (from within our network) are being sent to the Junk folder in Microsoft outlook.

We have tried disabling automatic junk filtering, and even flagging our own domain as "safe" within junk options and the emails are still be routed to the junk folder.

Has anyone ever experienced this before, and is there any other solutions, or fixes that I can persue?

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Saif ShaikhServer engineer

The issue also can be caused by Outlook rules, please double check it. Sometimes, a corrupted hidden rule also can lead this.

Take a backup of rules on one affected machine.

Delete/remove all rules.

Send a test internal email without any rules now.

If the message is not going to junk and getting delivered to inbox then issue is with rules.

Also check if you have configured spam filter on Exchange 2010 server.  

I would like to explain all internal emails will be assign a SCL value “-1”,  however, the IMF/SCL related Store Action is totally separate from and unrelated to the Outlook client-side Junk E-mail evaluation. Outlook doesn’t use the IMF provided SCL values for its client-side (cached-mode only) anti-spam determination. Instead, it does its own Junk E-mail evaluation and determines whether or not to move the mail to the Junk E-mail folder based on the settings.

Also the easiest way to deal with this is to create a transport rule to set the SCL value for emails form that system to -1. That way they shouldn't get flagged as spam.
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first is this happening in owa? this is the real test for rules etc.

failing that i would look at new mailbox rewuest cmdlets consistency checks and log into the users mailbox with ewseditor.exe and see if corruption messages occur at ews level(https)

do u have any antispam appliance or application on the exchange ? if yes check the settings over there... as well..if internal e-mail passing through spamfilter ....
all the best
zito2000Network Manager


Thanks for the tips,

I am going to try these options today and see if they work
zito2000Network Manager



I should have mentioned that It is not ALL internal senders getting sent to junk email, only a sporadic few...
There are no spam filtering programs, OR rules defined in has mailbox...
My last resort I guess would be to set the transport rule on the mailflow setting and define it explicitly for the affected recipient... although, I have my reservations...


Yes, this is happening in OWA as well. Does ewseditor have to be run on the users workstation, or on exchange server?


See my response to Saif

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