Where to find a consolidated matrix of security features in Microsoft Office 365

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Hello Experts!

Before I start typing out this document, I am hoping it already exists and one of you can provide a link to it or something similar.

I am looking for a spreadsheet or matrix that lists all of the security features listed in the Microsoft document titled" Overview of security & compliance in Office 365" and the application the features apply to. It would be even better if it has which license it is available with.  I need to use this document so I can track what we are using and make recommendations on what we need and if the feature I would like to implement would need an additional license.   For example, something like:

Sharing                                                                                  Applies to:                                                         License                              

External sharing is enabled by default.                           OneDrive, Sharepoint                                       E1, E2, E3
Thesesettings arerecommended:
• Allow sharing to authenticated
external users and using anonymous
access links (default setting).
• Anonymous access links expirein this
many days. Enter a number, if desired,
such as 30 days.
• Default link type — select Internal
(peoplein the organization only). Users
who wish to share using anonymous
links must choosethis option from the
sharing menu.

DLP                                                                                    ALL                                                                  E3

As always, if you have any suggestions on a better way to accomplish this, let me know. I do not have access to the tenant so I can't go into our system and cut and paste anything.  

Thank you,
Steph M
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There isnt any up-to-date document that you can use, but the Office 365 Customer Security Considerations Workbook that you can download from the SCC is a good start. Here's a direct link: https://protection.office.com/DownloadFile/ServiceAssurance/Document/othertrust/Office%20365%20Customer%20Security%20Considerations%20Workbook/xlsx

If the direct link doesnt work, open the SCC, navigate to the Service Assurance section, then Trust documents. There are other useful documents that you can find here, however not many of them are kept up to date.
MichelangeloSystem Administrator / Postmaster

I do not have access to the tenant so I can't go into our system and cut and paste anything.  

Also about the above, Open a test tenant you'll have access to that section too


Thank you Gentlemen,

My first step will be to review the documents at the link Vasil provided. I didn't even think of creating a tenant, so that will be my rainy day project. Because of the documents being readily available, I'll divide the points 75/25.

A combo of Vasil and Michelangelo recommendations as noted above.

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