Is it possible to set up Windows Server 2008 R2 to receive VoIP faxing?

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In a small company that has changed recently to VoIP phones, they used to have a separate phone line to handle incoming FAX.  When they recently moved to VoIP, incoming faxes are going to a server controlled by the ISP who setup the VoIP system.  In discussion with the ISP, it was determined that certain individuals, (employees of the ISP) could see the company faxes which is not acceptable to the company.  A new Windows internal server is in the plans for the company.  Can this internal server have the ability to receive these confidential communications versus the server controlled by the ISP?  If so, could someone describe the steps and if it can be done with Windows Server?
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Much relies on who the provider is. and what the end goal is.

Using a Cisco ATA adapter that is a network based that will register with the provider and it will connect to either a fax or an fax modem that is in the 2008 server who will use the windows fax and scan tool to manage the incoming/outgoing faxes.

There are similar .... the phone numbers used for faxes are limited to it. some have an option to drive two lines (fax devices).....

Check with the provider and have them offer you options on hosting fax and scan on your internal server...

Your server has to have either an internal or an external set of modems to accomodate the number of simulteneous incoming+outgoing calls (faxes) you want to send/receive...

this is just an example......

what devices/resources do you have.

Multi-function printer that has inbound fax that can handle fax to email, or fax to shared storage ,..

that can handle differnet rules based on a subset....

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