Microsoft Project files open read only from SharePoint.

Edward Pamias
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I have a strange problem. My user is opening  MS Project files and they open read only from SharePoint. All other Office files open fine and she can edit them. Any ideas? I googled a few things and nothing worked.
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Are you using sync with OneDrive? There is a possible restriction that is affecting you


You have a SharePoint Online document library that requires checkout and you have it synced locally via OneDrive for business.  Files opened from either online or from the local synced folder open documents read only with no way to check in or check out files from the Office client.
refer: SharePoint / Office / OneDrive files open as read-only and do not allow check out / check in


  • Do not sync SharePoint document libraries that require checkout
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Hi thanks for the input. I actually resolved this myself. I had to create a new local user profile. Once the user logged back in with the profile the Project files opened fine..

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