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My VCP in 6.0 expires January 31, 2019.  I can take the VMware 2V0-622D exam.  I am waiting for an answer from VMware, I spoke to two different people and received 3 different answers.  What I was trying to find out is, if I were to take the exam for 6.5 and pass it by end of Sept.  Does my new certification in 6.5 pick up Feb 1, 2019 or or do I lose 4 months time because I would get it dated in Sept 2018?  No one seems to know for sure!  Or is it that I still end up keeping the 6.0 cert but it is considered archived for a while?

I am waiting for a call back from VM Ware but something tells me, it won't happen until next week and I can use the study time over the weekend
Thanks guys!!
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If you write and clear vcp 6.5 now, from that day you hold vcp 6 and 6.5 both. Vcp 6 expires in Jan 2019 but you are still vcp for 6.5. Version does matter to write exam but not for certification.. You are eligible to write advanced exams of 6.5 version as usual


Hey Murali

That being said, would it make the most sense to get the 6.5 cert as close to the expiration date of the 6 exam then rather than shaving about 4 months of being certified?
What are your thoughts? I rather get 24 months than reducing it to 20!
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I rather get 24 months than reducing it to 20!

If you would rather get 24 months, than 20 then go for it!

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