Keys dont map Logitech K400r

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Logitech K400r wireless keyboard - Some Keyboard keys are not mapped correctly when using with win10

Hello, im using a keyboard/touchpad with a setup that was originally win7, some time back i updated it to win10, but ive noticed that some keys dont map correctly, ie
things like the (@ ') key does not produce an @ instead the (2 ") key when shifted produces the @, im pretty sure it worked okay on win7, i know this keyboard was probably
from the win7 era so im wondering if somehow its something to do with win10 which i use less often, have tried setting it for UK layout (the keyboard is the brit version
with the £ sign) I have installed the setpoint software, but this doesn't seem to have much effect on this particular problem..  Any ideas?
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are you sure you set the keyboard layout either in the language bar or in settings advanced keyboard settings?
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did you test it on other pc's as well?
does it still work ok on a win7 system?


Hi David, thank you very much for the suggestion,

I found a setting in language advanced I think as you suggested, and changed this to UK layout, and problem now fixed, there also seems to be a setting in language for different input devices/ key layouts which was originally set to UK, so i think that's why i thought this was set correctly if that makes sense,

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