free tool to unzip/crack a zip with passwodr

I forgot the zip password of a file that I previously zip (think with AES256) :
any free tools to unzip/crack it & will it be faster to do it if I use a i7
computer with SSD?
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
I still have a Passware Standard running on my X61 32bit (SSD drive) Thinkpad running Win XP:
guess to crack using this is going to take ages as cracking is CPU/GPU intensive.

I don't have the license key / serial# for that Passware anymore but that Passware could still
run on the X61: tried my favorite passwords but can't get through, likely it's a 10 chars length
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
AES-256 is a very secure encryption. And even if I had any interest in breaking your encryption I don't think we have the right tools to do such brute forcing. Though AES considered secure as there is no publicly known cryptanalytic methods that can break it faster than brute forcing. It is practically impossible.

Better to recover past data if your few best shot at the closest password attempts are futile. It is worst if yours are complex one. Not supposed to crack anyway. If you have password manager, you may want to try the existing password.

Can Google Passware for breaking zip to find out more. Think pw has some wizard that you can provide all information you know about the password. The more you know about the password, the faster you can recover it. PW v10 and onwards have hardware-accelerated distributed password recovery

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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
The forensics Passware has distributed processing at USD995
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