Application Interface issue, user session must be kept alive.

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Hi EE,

We have an application that dependent on a user session being one of our Windows 2003 servers. If we log out or even minimize the session multiple interfaces (msg queues) of the application shutdown, could anyone give me some insight as what is going on here and how to resolve.

An odd issue any assistance in welcome.

Thank you.
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It depends on the application and the way it was written.

When running on a Windows sever, you can have "background" applications (those written as a system service) and "foreground" applications, those which must run under a logged in user session.

Something written with any of the Office products; Word, Excel, or Access for example, would always be a foreground application.   You simply can't write a true system service with them.   As part of Office, they all expect to have a desktop and user session available to them.

In contrast, you can write a system service with something like C++ and it can truly run as a background service.   An example of that would the Windows print spooler process.

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Hi Jim, thanks for the input I will take this to the vendor development team.


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