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Joshua Davis
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Hi all,

I am building a test site and it is very nearly complete, however when i have put everything in a container and given everything a background an object has disappeared.

The item class item is called 'yellow-block' and as far as I can tell it is being hidden by the container or content class.

I have attached my whole project folder;Web-Challenge-Site.zip

Would someone be able to offer advice please?

Thank you,
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In HTML everything has a stacking order, defined by a property called z-index. The default is 0. Your yellow_block has been given a z-index of -1 (main.css: 150) so you're telling it to stack behind everything else. Some of the elements that it's now stacked behind have a background colour (they're not transparent) which is why you can't see it.
Joshua DavisIT Technician


Thanks Chris, that helped, I brought everything forward by 1, except the backgrounds, and it all shows in the correct order.

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