Kodak C195 Camera

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I have a C195 Kodak Camera. The software is outdated and will not work with Windows 10. I tried running the kodak software and I get a script error. I tried running in compatibility mode but that does not work. I get the same result. Does anyone know how I can get this to work?
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

Easiest thing to do is buy an SD card reader (if there is not one already installed in your computer) and use the SD card to transfer images.  Kodak abandoned this camera some years back and there is no Windows 10 support for it.
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Try copying the most recent version of EasyShare for Window 8 to your drive so you can edit the files.  The script you need to edit in Notepad is logger.js, try the instructions here:


I got the program to run which is very encouraging but it is not recognizing the camera even though I am turning it off and on. I also have KODAK_Software_Downloader showing when I plug in the camera and not Kodak_Camera_setup_app.exe. I did copy all files to a  folder on my desktop. This is what shows up when the camera is connected. I put in a screen shot in the attachment.

I downloaded this file and ran this as windows 7 in compatibility mode and it worked.

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