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Log in to Windows with scheduler and batch command

I want to make Window 10 computer to login on certain time by running scheduled batch file to do it. But I have not found any Windows command who log you in.
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> scheduled batch file

what's the schedule in detail? is it just a single, specific time every day? or multiple instances in a day?
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On certain scheduled time  I want my Windows 10 computer to logon automatically and open the desktop without any interaction from human.
I have no problem making schedule to log off the computer.
some computers support scheduled power-on in their BIOS settings. once you have enabled automatic Windows logon,  then the scheduled power-on setting in BIOS actually can make automatic logon.
Did you try Task Scheduler (made for this)
> Did you try Task Scheduler (made for this)

i guess Task Scheduler only works after Windows is loaded and running. :) therefore it can't be use for powering up the computer.
I think it can run in a logged off state.  I will check again .
Maggi - Is the computer running and logged off?  Or Shut down?  If the former, Task Scheduler supports running in a logged off state.

If shut down, you need Wake on LAN or like variable in BIOS as mentioned earlier.
It is running and logged off and I don't know what command to run with the scheduler to log the computer on. I use schedule to run "shutdown /l" to log it off.

The computer is VM
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