Resize WPF application to different screen resolutions.

Juan Giraldo
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I built a wpf application for a screen resolution of 1920*1080 ...
however the user will sometimes use a resolution 3810*2160.
How to i make my application so it keeps its aspect ratio in a way that if in a screen resolution of 1920*1080  occupies 80% of screen then in a screen resolution of 3840*2160 it also occupies 80% of screen.
I will be looking into font sizes and all that stuff too... but at least for now I need that the grids, windows and controls all resize accordingly.

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Your can try to use system parameters to get  screen resolution:
<Window x:Class="YourApplication.MainWindow"
//------your other code--------
   Height="{Binding SystemParameters.PrimaryScreenHeight}" 
    Width="{Binding SystemParameters.PrimaryScreenWidth}">

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Generally WPF containers are designed to do just that.  Grids / stackpanels etc should all flow as the screen increases.
Did you use a Canvas as the base control?

And specify what you mean in terms of the scaling.  If this happens to be a graphic-centric app, then the easiest way would be to apply a scaletransform (render) to the root panel based on the screen dimensions.
But that would increase everything (including font sizes).

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