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Change OU's and groups within AD using powershell and variables.

Good morning all,

So I have a new issue, Shocker with it being a Monday Morning and all. I've been told that I need to change site codes for a number of OU's and change the associated groups which reside either in that OU or somewhere else.


I need to change only the site part of the group, i'm kind of debating deleting and recreating the groups however in the (Likely) event that I'll need to do this again I'm trying to make it self contained.

$OUs = Read-Host "Please enter the OU and Associated groups you'd like to change"

$NewOU = Read-Host "Please enter the new name of the OU and groups"

Foreach ($OU in $OUs){
Get-ADOrganizationalUnit -filter "Name -like $ou" | Set-ADOrganizationalUnit -DisplayName $NewOU }

Get-ADGroup -filter "Name -like $ou"

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This is where I've got to and it's pretty shocking, maybe because I broke myself on Friday night and I've still got a headache.

Any hints on how I can do this would be great. I'm still trying to learn the intricacies of PowerShell so please advise rather than giving the straight answer :D

I don't think this is a hash group thing either.

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I answered the question. I should get credit for it. Not a big deal, but still...
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Yeah ok.... :-p