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Automate adjustment of BIOS (UEFI) prior to imaging

Hi there
I have a client that needs to image a large number of laptops. Prior to imaging they need to make some BIOS (UEFI) changes. I believe this can be done in Windows PE as well as MDT/SCCM, using WMI commands inside a VBS script.
2 questions:-
1. How do I create this VBS script in the first place?
2. Is there a tool I can use to help me?
Bonus question! Is there an easier way to be adjust an UEFI BIOS prior to imaging?
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AlexA lack of information provides a lack of a decent solution.

what are you trying to change is a big question here.
IT Director
ok - so you haven't given us much to go on here... but the process is this:

- Determine what make/model of hardware you need to update BIOS settings for (it sounds like you have a specific model in mind)
- Download the vendors tool for updating BIOS settings.... for Dell, its Dell command configure (renamed CCTK) - https://www.dell.com/support/article/au/en/aubsd1/sln311302/dell-command-configure?lang=en
- For HP, its the HP BIOS configuration utility...
- if you have another brand, do a google and find their BIOS config utility
- From there, it depends on the tool... e.g. the Dell tool allows you to either set specific settings within the command line (which I prefer) or setup one how you like it, then save those settings to apply to other machines
- either way, you will need to use the tool to get and set settings on one machine first - and keep going until you have the command line right
- once you think you have the command like right - check it on another, out of the box machine, to be sure (from the windows Full OS is fine)
- Once you have that, simply create a package in SCCM, run the command you want - and your done.

In regards to your comment about a vbscript - some of the older BIOS config tools came as VBScripts, but I haven't seen one of them for a while now. The current tools are generally executables with command line options
mikhaelSales Engineer


I found a tool - a GUI tool specific to my make and model - that can either configure the BIOS of the machine I'm working on or export as VBS or INI. Then I can use cscript to automate it.
Thanks very much.
Hayes JupeIT Director

IT is different for each brand, sometimes even models with brands.... so you may have to find a different one for different machines - but that's just the way it is.