Floor map application with PC names/username details?

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Hi guys

As we have multiple offices at our work place, we constantly have users leaving and new ones beginning. We want to keep a floor map of PC names, their locations along with the users.

This is so that when we want to do things like apply updates and they fail to a PC, we can allocate where they physically are and access that machine or even request the user to do the necessary from their end.

Does anybody use any applications to manage this?

Thank you
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Technical Consultant
Why don't you start asset tagging portal, this portal you can create into the sharpoint where user will set their asset tag and use it.

In asset tag you can define the fields like floor, wing details and more fields as per your requirements and this is how you can track the location of the asset and if the asset is not tagged then simply bring it to IT dept.

bbaoIT Consultant

Microsoft Visio + Excel should be able to do the required thing.

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