I need to move a simple static website from server A to server B (2 different web hosting companies.  I used to use frontpage. Are there apps you'd recommend?

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I know very little about websites / web site management.

I used to use FrontPage to publish rudimentary websites and to back them up / copy them onto my PC to back them up.

I need to move a website from 1 server to another.  What's an easy (free) app to use these days? Hopefully graphic / GUI not command line.

I set up an FTP account for the server where the files are now. And know the credentials for the new server.
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Martyn SpencerSoftware Developer / Linux System Administrator / Managing Director

If you are using a basic Frontpage site, my understanding is (and this is from some time ago) that you can move the files, but the server may need to support Frontpage extensions. These were, I believe CGI style scripts. Frontpage ceased to be supported around 2003 and I imagine many hosters would not want a Frontpage site on their server due to potential vulnerabilities. I believe that there is a product called Sharepoint designer, which replaced another Microsoft product. Whether or not this can be used to migrate Frontpage sites I am not sure.

You could try migrating the files using FTP (use SFTP or FTPS, please), and test to see if the site works. If it does, it is likely that Frontpage extensions weren't used. Filezilla is a good FTP client and is quite easy to use.

I strongly suggest updating any site that uses Frontpage. For self-publishing, Wordpress is very popular. I like Joomla. Both are content managed systems and allow you to purchase or use free of charge templates to accelerate production of web sites. Many hosting providers can help you. Some people would also use something like Wix.
Since you didn't mention what OS  you're PC is running, I'm going to assume you're running Windows

That being said, if all you're looking for is a GUI based FTP client FileZilla will work just fine

Martyn provided suggestions above that (IMO) should be considered before trying to upload any pages created under Frontpage


Sorry for not being clear.  I was mentioning FrontPage to show how long ago I was working on other sites and that was the type of interface I was familliar with.

The site(s) I'm dealing with now are not frontpage.  Just looking for FTP. I'll try filezilla.
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The site(s) I'm dealing with now are not frontpage.
Good since finding frontpage hosting is like finding a needle in a haystack these days.
Martyn SpencerSoftware Developer / Linux System Administrator / Managing Director

Some constructive feedback would be appreciated here. What about my answer was less than the accepted answer?
Some constructive feedback would be appreciated here

I'd have to agree with Martyn.  He did the lifting, I just supported his post with a link

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