Gmail's website displays that I have 2 unread emails but when I scroll through my email Inbox I am unable to find any unread emails

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How can I either:

1. Find and read these 2 unread emails


2. Mark all of the over 80,000 emails in the Gmail Inbox as read to reset this unread email count?
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1. In Gmail, click the cog icon then Settings to open your settings
2. Click the Inbox tab.
3. The top option is "Inbox type". Change it to "Unread first".

That should find you your unread emails. You can change it back to the previous setting after you've found the ones you want.
Terry WoodsIT Guru
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Also, if you click a folder in the folder list on the left, then click the icon with the 3 vertical dots under the search field, then there is an option "Mark all as read". That might help too.

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