Retrieve values from XML response to Google Maps

I'm pulling data from the Google Map API and it returns an XML response which looks like:
 <origin_address>Grafton, VA 23692, USA</origin_address>
 <destination_address>Yorktown, VA 23690, USA</destination_address>
    <text>9 mins</text>
    <text>9.8 km</text>

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I would like to extract the duration/text and distance/text values from this XML but the code found is using is not returning those values
    Dim domResponse As DOMDocument60
    Set domResponse = New DOMDocument60
    domResponse.loadXML objXMLHTTP.responseText
    Dim ixnStatus As Variant
    Set ixnStatus = domResponse.selectSingleNode("//status")
    If ixnStatus.Text = "OK" Then
        Dim ixnDistance, ixnDuration
        Set ixnDistance = domResponse.selectSingleNode("/DistanceMatrixResponse/row/element/distance/text")
Debug.Print ixnDistance
        Set ixnDuration = domResponse.selectSingleNode("/DistanceMatrixResponse/row/element/duration/text")
Debug.Print ixnDuration
    End If

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and actually raises an error (#438          Object doesn't support this property or method) on line 11
I'm sure this is just a matter of getting the "SelectSingleNode" argument correct, but I have played with just about every combination of nodes names and cannot get this right.
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Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCAsked:
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Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCAuthor Commented:
after playing with this for 45 minutes, I posted my question, then stumbled on the proper syntax.

Lines 11 and 13 should have read:

Debug.Print ixnDistance.Text
Debug.Print ixnDuration.Text

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I believe, the exception raised, because you trying to print out an object, not a string in
Debug.Print ixnDistance
try this instead:
if ixnDistance is Nothing then
   Debug.Print "No distance node!"
   Debug.Print ixnDistance.text
end if

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