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iPad Pro / iOS12.0 randomly drops wireless internet connection

IPad Pro / iOS12.0 randomly drops wireless internet connection

IPad Pro / iOS12.0 randomly drops Spectrum 40 mbps wireless internet connection, mostly requiring power cycle reboot. Same problem with iOS previous version.

 iPhone 8+ / iOS 12.0 also has this problem. 

This problem, always with, (and occasional others) does not occur with Apple TV which is Cat5 connected.

How to prevent?
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I understand that powering the devices off is not really a practical solution if the problem re-occurs afterwards.
If the full shutdown and restart of the devices does not resolve it .. you'll need to provide us some more information

1. Do you have Windows or Android or Linux devices connected to the same WiFi networks and if yes do they experience any drop-outs?
if no then you can rule out the wifi hardware or network
2. On one of the iOS devices try the following .. perform one at a time and test after each one to see if it resolves
  • Turn Bluetooth off in Settings, not via Control Center
  • Forget the problem WiFi networks in the WiFi settings and re-join them re-entering password etc.
  • Reset the Network Settings Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
3. Some other things that are recommended to try
  • Toggle off WiFi Assist, if this feature is available
  • Temporarily disable any VPNs
  • Turn off Location Services
Thank you and I was happy to help