Copy data from Minitab worksheet with format into excel

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How to copy and paste data with conditional formatting format from minitab worksheet into excel ?
I tried but they copy in values and the format that i had in minitab was not reflected in excel.
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In Excel, you could try the "Keep Source Formatting" or "Paste Special..." options.

If those don't work, you might try exporting your entire Minitab worksheet to an Excel file, open it in Excel, and see if the formatting is preserved.

- Paul N.


I tried before:

No it doesn't have the options of paste special as format.

exporting from minitab to excel by saving worksheet in .xls but the formatting is not preserved.

Any other idea ?
I downloaded a free trial of Minitab and found that you get preservation of formatting if you export to a webpage (.htm) and import the .htm file into Excel.

However, as you will see in the set of attached files, there is some clean-up necessary after the data lands in Excel:
  1. Enable gridlines
  2. Delete column A
  3. Delete rows 1 and 2
  4. Enable gridlines
  5. Use "Clear Formats" to restore gridlines to any "whitespace" remaining

Any luck with the previous comment?


Yes but is too tedious.

guess no choice, and Minitab needs to ensure it is easy to copy and paste as special in excel in the next release.


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