Document Engine - idea needed

I'm working on a project , MVC, C#, ASP.Net. Users can upload documents in different tabs. For example, we have an Invoice tab and user can upload documents. We have Assets tab and user can upload documents.

We also have other sources of document uploads. For example, another internal site we have, users can upload documents there as well.

My manager is looking for a "Document Engine". A central repository for the documents so user can go to one place to upload and download docs.

For example, we will have a tab in our website "Documents".  User clicks on it and now we're in a page. I'm thinking we will have different sections on this page.. Invoice, Assets, Misc...where user can upload corresponding docs.

Now how should we save these docs?

1. Database but this will make the DB large, no?
2. In a shared drive and have folder for each section...Invoice, Assets, Misc. We'll upload to the drive folder and then save the path to the doc in the database.

What else needs to be done? anyone has done a Document Engine type of project?

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DarrenSenior Software EngineerCommented:

There are many (DMS) Document Management Systems/Software on the market. It just depends on if you are purchasing the software or looking for a free alternative.

If you are Microsoft based then Sharepoint could be used.

Here is a list of some DMS's. I presume you would be looking for a self storage solution so anything without third party storage could be a good choice.

Personally we use Modeshape and Jackrabbit, these are Java based and are used solely for the storage and retrieval of documents which are stored on the file system.


CamilliaAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Darren. We want to have the documents served  in our application...not outside it. We have Sharepoint.
I wonder if I can integrate a third party tool into our application to upload documents to and then download from it.
DarrenSenior Software EngineerCommented:

Or you could write your own... this is an older article however the principles should be roughly the same...



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CamilliaAuthor Commented:
Thanks, let me take a look.
CamilliaAuthor Commented:
That link shows that it uploads to Sharepoint. Can we have a C# code to download from Sharepoint? That would be great, if I can find a way to also download from Sharepoint in my ASP.Net/C# code.
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