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Problem with Full-Text Indexing in SQL Server 2008

Dear All,
Hi. I have a table in SQL Server 2008 database with compatibility level set to "80" (SQL SERVER 2000). This table is a part of a full-text index containing rules only for this table. The full-text index has five columns of the table qualified as "Eligible Columns".  In order to allow the insertion of a lengthy data for one field say "field2" Varchar(3000) , I increased the size to Varchar(3500). After that, I run the full-text index.  But the search results are not working properly.  

For example :

1.a. Contains(SearchPhrase, '"P." And "K." And "Mathis"') -- (Camel Case) Fetches results for Camel Cases.
1.b. Contains(SearchPhrase, '"p." And "k." And "mathis"') -- (small case) does not fetch result

2.a. where contains(SearchString, '"Institute of advanced study in education"') -- fetches results
2.b. where Contains(SearchString, '"Institute" And "of" And "Advanced" And "Study" And "in" And "Education"') -- does not fetch result

Any insights are appreciated.

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