Pasting outlook contacts in excel

I am trying to copy and paste outlook contacts to excel. some of the contacts have mailing addresses and when pasting to excel the address, does not go under the address column and it is being appeared right under Full Name column. So, is there anyway that I can make excel to paste the address under the correct column?
Rezwan SenobarianAsked:
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Probably the easiest way would be to export the Outlook contacts to a *.CSV file (comma-separated values).  Open the *.csv file in Excel, format and move the columns around as required, and save as an Excel file.

In a CSV file each of the fields like first name, last name, address 1, address 2, etc, are separated by commas.  if there is no value in a particular field you just get two commas together.  Excel knows how to handle this and will create an empty cell under that column.
Rezwan SenobarianAuthor Commented:
We have over 200 Categorize in outlook and I only need some of those not all. I don't think there is a way to only export the category that I need.
I do not have Outlook on the computer that I am currently using and it has been a number of years since I last exported Outlook contacts to CSV format, but from memory I felt sure that you were presented with a "wizard" sequence of steps where you could choose which fields you wanted to include in your output file.  There is no mention of it here:
so perhaps I am mistaken.
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Yes, it is possible to choose the  fields.  Perhaps this will help:
The video is on YouTube:
The important step is at 3:04
You tick the box and then click the "Map Custom Fields" button.

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Rezwan SenobarianAuthor Commented:
@BillDL - Bill I don't see Categories as an option. Any idea?
Since BillDL doesn't have Outlook available, this is to support what he said ... it is on mine ...

Outlook, Import / Export, To File, Map Custom Fields (Outlook 2016 Client)
I would Export everything, turn the CSV into a table, manipulate it how you need it to be, filter out what you don't need then copy the final table into a new sheet and you have the spreadsheet (or at least the basic format) you need.
Rezwan SenobarianAuthor Commented:
YOU SAVED SO many hours of our time./ Many Many Thanks.

This was a great help
Thank you Rezwan, and thank you N8iveIT for the supporting screenshots
Thank-you both as well; didn't mean to jump in but thought I would test and post a screenshot to look at.
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