What is hyperscale connectivity?

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What is hyperscale connectivity, particularly in the context of collocation and data centers?
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Hyperscale computing refers to the facilities and provisioning required in distributed computing environments to efficiently scale from a few servers to thousands of servers. Hyperscale computing is usually used in environments such as big data and cloud computing.

Hyperscale is designed as per datacenter specific architecture i.e hardware, application, Bigdata etc.

the Hyperscale

These systems use proprietary server hardware that isn't interchangeable and only upgradable in large increments of storage or compute power.

it's ddesigned to your requirements for very highend infrastructure ... where can scaleup the capacity of computing to very high level...

it's not a specific datacenter centric it can be a combination of physycal, virtual, cloud environment...

lets say the servers

The traditional data center
These data centers employ purpose-built name-brand servers from tier-one vendors with storage area networks  running Windows or Linux. This is the gear in the vast majority of data centers today, with roots that trace back to the early days of the client/server era. The key advantage of such an architecture is that it's well known and IT staffers have extensive experience with it. In terms of networking, traditional servers are connected via commodity network switches running 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) or InfiniBand. Servers and switches use proprietary management software but can be easily upgraded or swapped out for other vendors' gear. Each equipment rack has its own network switch, and these switches are connected to an overall backbone core switch.

The hyperscale servers
The hyperscale server label refers to new kinds of servers that are customized for particular data center needs -- even the racks are wider than the traditional 19-inch mounts that were the standard. This accommodates more components across the motherboards of these PCs. They are also assembled from common components that can be easily swapped out when failures occur. Think of having a single server with a dozen hard drives on a motherboard with multiple power suppliers for redundant operations.

Hyperscale needs a new kind of network
While the Open Compute Project has lots of information on server and "open rack" designs for an all-DC power, white-box collection of computers, it is noticeably silent on how these computers are going to be networked together -- a big concern for a hyperscale data center.

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