Prevent Team from showing in Outlook Global Address List

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How can I prevent Teams from creating a duplicate Engineering GAL address? The second Engineering list is an actual distribution group.
How can I avoid both from showing up in the the GAL list.Email GAL List
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Systems Administrator
You can keep the Engineering list from appearing in the GAL by doing the following:
  • Choose recipients from the left menu, then the groups tab
  • Choose the distribution group you want to edit (Engineers), click pen icon to edit the group info
  • Select 'general' from the left menu
  • Ensure "Hide this group from address lists" is selected and hit save

This will keep the group from showing in the GAL. Someone more experienced can probably give you the CLI instructions but offhand this is how I know how to accomplish this. Unfortunately I don't know offhand how to keep a user from creating a new group maybe someone else can help easily with that one.

Good luck!



If I use O365 with my active Directory. How would I control or change it in there
Steven AtencioSystems Administrator

Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with O365. From a bit of research I've been able to find the below information, I've never used this before so I can't verify for certain it works.

In short these pages say:
You can use following PowerShell cmdlet to hide an Office 365 Group from GAL:
Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity *** Email address( *** -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled $true

I hope that helps!
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It does not recognize the "Set-UnifiedGroup command? Any ideas? Do I need to update my Powershell?
Steven AtencioSystems Administrator

Are you connecting to the exchange server through powershell? 

I imagine you will need to do that first, if you hadn't already, then you'll run the command.


Thanks Steven,

Is there anything more GUI of a method, possible inside either the O365 or inside the active directory?
Steven AtencioSystems Administrator

I haven't tried this method but it may be worth trying:

  1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers console
  2. Click View Menu and select Advanced Features (to show the Attribute Editor tab)
  3. Find your Distribution List or Security Group (mail enabled) in the OU
  4. DO NOT search your group. Because if you open the DL/Group properties from search windows, it will NOT show the Attribute Editor which is the advanced feature)
  5. Double click to open the DL/Group to see the properties, then go to Attribute Editor tab.
  6. Find hideDLMembership attribute, double click to open and select True. Click OK twice to close the dialog boxes.

Again I've never done it this way, I've generally done it through exchange itself but it may be worth trying and seeing if it works how you're hoping.

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