Coldfusion Upload client file to CF Server

I have a scenario where I need to automatically upload client file(CSV, Excel, etc...) to CF Server.

However, no user intervention is allowed. The process will be done using the Coldfusion's job scheduler.

We use to use CFFTP but this is not allowed on the host server anymore.

Some experts guided us in the direction of using CFHTTP. However, we have never use this before.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated
Errol FarroAsked:
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Can you elaborate on "upload client file(CSV, Excel, etc...) to CF Server."?  

Do you mean send a file from your server to another remote CF server? That's certainly possible, but we'd need to know more about what the remote server expecting to receive.
Errol FarroAuthor Commented:
On a daily basis employees create CSV and Excel files from their legacy system on a local server in a central directory. These files must subsequently be transferred to a host in the cloud. The host in the cloud runs Coldfusion. Coldfusion does not run locally on any of their servers. What we would like to do is have the CF server in the cloud pick up these file from the  local server without manual intervention. Is this possible ? We are not allowed to install any FTP client on the local server
For CF to be able to access files on another machine, they need to be accessible remotely somehow, such as:

- Web accessible:  The remote server runs a web server and makes the file available via http
- FTP accessible: The remote server makes the file available via FTP
- Network accessible: If the remote server was on the same network, it could be mapped as a shared drive

Is the file web accessible on the legacy system? If yes, then cfhttp would work to access it.

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Keep in mind the above just describes CF file access in general, not security.  Always consider the content and whether or not it's something that should be made web accessible, what type of security is needed, etc...
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