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Users that are denied access, still have access.

I am here to ask an Expert, at one of the businesses I do IT work for we have a NAS device Western Digital MyCloud ex2100 with some shares, the users are Domain Users and permissions are controlled with their Domain usernames and passwords. Been working great for quite sometime. What is happening is some new users that have been added to the Domain are able to access shares that show they are Denied access. They are shares that I don't want them to access. From what I can tell the older users permissions are still working correctly. Any idea what could cause this?
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Check that there are no groups configured on the share that the new users are part of. Also check that a firmware update on the NAS hasn't enabled anonymous access on the share.


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Chances are that you are missing a group or an individual permission somewhere.

Do Effective permissions for the user on this share via Explorer folder properties (Security tab -> Advance Permission) and post a screenshot
both security settings are different... i.e domain and the storage
did you intigrated the storage with AD ?

if yes then check the security configurations at foler level..  

all the best
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We have Share Permissions and NTFS permissions  - most probably those users have full access on share permission level
A deny will apply even if you give full control over and above it. Did you log off/restart and retest?
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These users are in a group that have allow permissions, deny should override any allow.  That is the problem deny isn't given preference.
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Hi, I misspoke on the original question, the users are from Active Directory but the permissions on the shares would be controlled by the NAS device, which is whatever Western Digital uses on there NAS, Linux based I suppose.
Is it integrating with AD for permissions or does it use its own?
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It uses it's own
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