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Murray Brown
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I am weighing up different options to share files online and access these easily from a Mac or Windows machine.
Our business runs mainly on Microsoft but there are a few Mac machines too
So far I know of DropBox, OneDrive, Azure File Share, Office 365.
We need to store hundreds of documents and locate these easily with some kind of find feature

Can anyone suggest other solutions and give me a bit of feedback on the easiest/best option to use.

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if i suggest if you have office 365 then onedrive is the excellent option ...

or else... you can see the comparision between different products for business solutions on the following link

all the best
Prabhin MPDevOps Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2018

if you are good in Linux environment, I recommend you to set up next cloud file share server in the cloud.

Next cloud is an opensource application.

You can set up next cloud server in on-premises or Amazon or Azure.

you can attach s3 bucket as the primary storage, so no need to extend the hard disk whenever your data is increasing.

for s3,

First 50 TB/ month      $0.023 / GB

Ec2 instance cost depends upon the spec you are choosing.
You can own your file share server, you can add many apps available to add such as chat, conferencing, screen sharing.
Murray Developer


Thanks. I was looking for a Microsoft solution so that will work well especially because you can do it initially for free
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thats true... and additionally if you'll get lot of intigration advantages.. as well ... along with the security...

fully compatible with mac as well..

RMS (Rights Management) is the one of the best security feature ...u can utilize

features comarision can be check on the following link

all the best
nociSoftware Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2018

I second the nextcloud option.
It is used for some large installations (one ISP in NL had  1TB sotrage accounts for free based on this)
I personaly have a more extended cloud, Phone sync (contacts, agenda) etc. on my own cloud server.
Simple & effective sharing (or not) of data.

Extendable is you need with chat, mobile app, etc.  
No fee needed for the software, no cost other then :  electricity, hardware (buy/ rental) , system admin. setup it will take a few hours, after backup has been setup hardly any time to invest. (few upgrades / year).
Prabhin MPDevOps Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2018

next cloud supports all the operating systems, Linux, windows mac.
have many options available,
can be integrated with LDAP for auth, and external file servers etc..

if you are looking for something cost effective. i would suggest next cloud.

Only you need to pay the basic server rental if you are in cloud.

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