Change runbook that record changes & allow selective rebuild

sunhux used Ask the Experts™
There's a request for "Change runbook" that documents/records changes from Day 1
so that in the event of bad changes (malicious or inadvertent ones) being introduced
over along the line of changes, we can rebuild a server/system back selectively,
dropping the "bad" change so that we can bring up the system to a "clean" slate.

Was told it's not "Change Control" nor CRs that we are looking at here.

I've suggested that a 'bare metal' backup be done with incremental backups (think
EMC has one such product) but this is not what the team requires.

Any document, tools or method are much appreciated.
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Above URL looks like what my colleague referred to.

I think taking a full bare metal backup with a combination
of differential plus incremental backups will enable us to
skip certain change/state that is bad/corrupt in the rebuild


In fact a continuous backup that we could selectively skip certain
days (where there is insidious tampering) backup would be ideal
as after the insidious/malicious change, there could be good
data/changes that follow that need to be recovered/restored


For eg:

Day 1: the initial good build
Day 2: legit/good updates were made
Day 3: an insidious/malicious update were made
Day 4: good legit updates/changes were made

We want to restore till Day 2, skip Day 3, restore Day 4
Global Community Evangelist
You shall meet these requirements with GFS backup scheme.


The link provided is about Acronis backup:
is GFS a filesystem and is it supported on
Windows & Solaris platforms?


Googling gives links that GFS = Grandfth, Fathr, Son.

Is GFS supported on backup tools like BackupExec,
Veeam,  Oracle native/RMan backup ?
Bagaudin SatuevGlobal Community Evangelist

Hi Sunhux,

Indeed the link provided is referring to setting up GFS scheme under Acronis Backup 12.5.

Since you tagged Acronis I was under the impression that you're using our products - please correct me if that is not the case.

As for other backup tools, you'd better consult with the relevant products user guides to be 100% sure.

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