Embedded images in inbound e-mail too large to print from Outlook

garryshape used Ask the Experts™
In Outlook 2016 (ProPlus) I have some e-mails sent to me from people where the images are very large (like 20 x 15 inches).
So when I go to Print those e-mails, the message body text is fine, but image is half way on the paper and missing.
Is there a way to keep incoming e-mail embedded images scaled down small enough so I can print?
Or is the only way to print them properly to edit the e-mail and resize the images manually? I'd rather a simpler way than resize a dozen photos, nor have to save/print them separately.

I've tried "View in browser" from Action menu and printing but it still doesn't scale down with scale to page.
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timgreen7077Exchange Engineer
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If the image is sent in a size that exceeds margin limits, you will have to manually edit the size when printing. You try to use page setup but that may not work, or you may have to copy the image to maybe MS Word, MSPaint or something and resize the image.
I believe that Outlook has this problem not only when printing, but also when viewing large images.

Extract the image from the email and save it on the PC (click the attachment and then Save As). Then open it in any image application (Windows Photo Viewer, Irfanview, Photoshop, GIMP, etc) and view/print from there, at the size you require.

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