Skype for business. User is not updating her precense in IM. state unknown. Only one user affected

Jerry Seinfield
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Hi Experts,

I do have a user in my organization [SFB on prem] with several FE servers and MBX in a DAG 2016 with an unknown presence status on IM

Troubleshooting done so far

I remote into user’s PC, clear SFB cache client, outlook profile recreated, delete OAB files, reboot computer, no luck
User tried from another computer, same thing.
Fixed the discrepancy with SIP proxy address attribute
Any ideas?  What I missed here? Her account was updated yesterday, so OAB replication should not be an issue here.
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To fix that issue you need a bit undestand how presence work. It could be a problem with her Lync account or some wrong detals in AD and SQL.

1. First i would check in AD if you don't have any duplicate contacts with same name, Exchange Contacts. Check aslo your Private contacts just in case you don't have any cached items

2. Start loggint on your machine and communicate with users. Start loggint on users machine. Take the logs and analyze with Snoower form the debugging tools to fins some strange Address mismatch or errors or analyze the notify Records

I had that issue for few users cause of following reasons

1. Some users had in their AD account the msrtcorigintatorsid pointing to a old account
2. Some users had in Exchange cached wrong addresses.

What happen if you type users full sign-in address in lync?

Barely i had issues with some Database records, but last step you could try is reenable user. do that only if you are sure there are no duplicate records.

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