Google Active Directory Sync with multiple email accounts

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I have a single user in Active Directory using 2 Google Apps emails.

I would like to use Google Cloud Directory Sync (formerly GADS) to link my AD with my Google Apps.

What would be the best way of dealing with 2 (or more) email accounts for a AD single user?

Create a separate AD account for each gmail account, so that they sync?

Add a proxyAddresses attribute to the user?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I would recommend to update SMTP proxyAddresses


Thanks Ganesamoorthy S,

I've just realised you can add aliases (proxyAddresses) in GADS > Users Accounts > Alias Address Attributes.

I was trying to add it as a Search Rule.

Unfortunately, for example, is a ProxyAddresses in LDAP but a completely separate account in Google and I can't seem to link the two.  

Think I will have to create a LADP account called accounts to ensure it is not suspended in Google.
Yes, I have had to create AD accounts for any Gsuite accounts.

I could not link an AD email alias (proxyAddresses) to an existing Gsuite account.

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