android 7 want to listen to music continously

rgb192 used Ask the Experts™
I want to listen to mp3 (or music)
but I cant lock my phone
I am forced to keep phone unlocked in my pocket
and I may dial a phone number if my phone is unlocked
Plus when I get a message sms, my music stops
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I use VLC. It offers background play. That will work for local files (e.g. mp3), but I'm not certain if it works for streams (it may; I just don't know if they ported that functionality from the desktop version). It also supports ChromeCasting, although a bit buggily.

If you have a Samsung phone, then Samsung Music app will also allow background play.

If you're trying to listen to YouTube, then unfortunately YT forces you to subscribe to their music service and use the YT Music app. Very annoying, IMO. I've recently used the Firefox Background play fix to play YT via Firefox.

If you're trying to listen to other online music, then Slacker Radio allows background play with intermittent commercials (unless you subscribe to their premiums service). Spotify and Pandora offer similar experiences (IIRC).
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As käµfm³d alluded to, knowing what you are listening to your MP3s or music  with can be very helpful in determining a fix. What are you using to listen to music? Also, what phone are you using? Different manufacturers may have different apps loaded up, and one of them may work for you without needing to install a new app.

If you are listening to MP3s, you can either upload them to Google Music or download them directly to your phone and use the Google Music app. Details on getting them to Google Music or directly moving them to your phone through USB can be found here: It boils down to plugging your phone into your computer via USB cable, selecting Media Device (MTP) as the connection method, and moving the MP3s from your computer to them Music folder on your Andoid device.



vlc worked. Thanks both

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