MS ACCESS: Align Timestamps in two different tables

Hello Experts,

Please review the example data attached.

The first table is called RawPunchRpt_Tbl and it contains a timecard for an employee. The second table is called AgentStateDetailRpt and it contains all the activities that the employee participated in tracked by a separate system. I want to find the closest start timestamp and state to the timestamp in the RawPunchRptTbl.

So here is the SQL code I tried in MS Access which I limited to just the shift start and the log in's:
SELECT userid, [punch type], [punch timestamp], [shiftseqid], [start], [end], [state], [reason]
FROM (SELECT * FROM RawPunchRpt_Tbl WHERE shiftseqid = "1") AS A LEFT JOIN (SELECT * FROM AgentStateDetailRpt WHERE State = "LOG IN") AS B ON (A.userid = B.resourceloginid) AND (A.[punch timestamp] <= B.start AND A.[punch timestamp] < B.end)

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It sort of works but since there are two LOG IN states in the AgentStateDetailRpt table the code returns both of the timestamps instead of the closest timestamp.

Is there a way I can get the code to just return the start timestamp closest to the raw punch timestamp?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.
Ryan SimmonsBusiness Analyst IIIAsked:
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Your sample has some errors:
userid and resourceloginid are different, numeric field is compared as text, etc.
Please, prepare samples as small Access DB.
Try this query:
SELECT TOP 1 Case.userid, Case.[punch type], Case.[punch timestamp], Case.shiftseqid, Class.start, Class.end, Class.state
FROM (SELECT * FROM RawPunchRpt_Tbl WHERE shiftseqid =1)  AS [Case] LEFT JOIN (SELECT * FROM AgentStateDetailRpt WHERE State like "LOG IN")  AS Class ON Case.userid = Class.resourceloginid
ORDER BY Class.start;

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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
You can create a query to find the closest login:

    RawPunchRpt_Tbl.userid, DateValue([start]) AS [Date], Min(DateDiff("s",[Punch Timestamp],[start])) AS TimeDiff
    AgentStateDetailRpt, RawPunchRpt_Tbl
    AND ((RawPunchRpt_Tbl.ShiftSeqID)=1) 
    AND ((AgentStateDetailRpt.state)="LOG IN") 
    AND ((DateDiff("d",[Punch Timestamp],[start]))=0))
    RawPunchRpt_Tbl.userid, DateValue([start]);

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Save this as FirstLogin, and then create your query using this:

    RawPunchRpt_Tbl.userid, RawPunchRpt_Tbl.[punch type], RawPunchRpt_Tbl.[punch timestamp], RawPunchRpt_Tbl.[shiftseqid], AgentStateDetailRpt.[start], AgentStateDetailRpt.[end], AgentStateDetailRpt.[state]
    RawPunchRpt_Tbl ON AgentStateDetailRpt.resourceloginid = RawPunchRpt_Tbl.userid) 
    FirstLogin ON RawPunchRpt_Tbl.userid = FirstLogin.userid
    And ((RawPunchRpt_Tbl.ShiftSeqID)=1) 
    And ((DateDiff("s",[Punch Timestamp],[start]))=[TimeDiff]) 
    And ((AgentStateDetailRpt.state)="LOG IN") 
    And ((DateDiff("d",[Punch Timestamp],[start]))=0));

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It is called DailyUserLogin in the attached sample.

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Ryan SimmonsBusiness Analyst IIIAuthor Commented:
Thank you. This brings me to the correct solution.
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
You are welcome!
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