Is exFAT the same thing as FAT32?

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I just purchased a Vantrue dashcam. I also bought the highest rated micro sd 64gb card. The manual specifically indicates that I should first format the card with my computer in the FAT32 mode, then format it with the dashcam. When attempting to format the card with the computer my only choices seem to be exFAT or NTFS. Is exFAT the same thing as FAT32?
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While waiting I found out that the two formats are definitely not the same. A youtube video suggests using a program called EaseUS Partition Master. When he filmed his video evidently the program had a working trial version. It no longer will let you do anything such as formatting without purchasing the program for sixty bucks. Not for one card. I am still searching for a way to format the card as FAT32. I just wanted to post this update.
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Some devices offer support for a 64Gb SD card but require you to format the card to FAT32 formatting. Follow below steps to format the card to FAT32.

1. Format the card to NTFS.
15d2e7d.jpgOnce you have selected NTFS, make sure the quick format box is checked and then click start.

2. Use this specialized format utility to format it to FAT32:
Alternate tool #1:
Alternate tool #2 from StreetGuardian:
Alternate tool #3 from StreetGuardian:
2vn5j6f.jpgAt the top, select the drive for your 64Gb card, then simply click start. Once this has finished formatting your card will be in FAT32 and be ready for use.
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You can use the command line : FORMAT volume /FS:FAT32 or use free partition manager such as GParted.
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Did you try Explorer? Or better yet format it via the Dashcam
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Yet another way

cmd (Win+R and type cmd)
list disk 
select disk 1 (1 must be a number of your flash card)
clean (this command erase all data on selected disk!!!!)
create partition primary
select partition 1
format fs=fat32 quick

Open in new window

von AxlSystem Engineer

Well, as some of you will know, FAT/FAT32 can actually handle up to 16TB hard drives and up to 2TB are supported in most operating systems. Microsoft has set a 32GB partition size limit for the FAT/FAT32 file system to promote NTFS, which is generally more efficient when working with large partitions.
FAT32 maximum file size - 4GB. If you have a video larger than 4GB in size, you just couldn’t save it on FAT32 file system; Error "The File Is Too Large for the Destination File System", "The Parameter Is Incorrect", or "Flash Drive Says Not Enough Free Space but There Is Plenty" can occur frequently


ALL EXPERTS!!  Not only have you solved my problem with your answers but I have received a mini education on the subject. Thanks so much to all of you for your well thought out comments. I am printing out this session as a reference for the future. Thanks again...You are the BEST!!

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