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Dear experts,

I take private classes for mathematics.

I plan to video record them. So, I am looking for economical choices.

Is there a camera with mic which I can use to record the class directly into my hard-disk.

The person giving the classes will be sitting around 4ft from the display screen. I plan to mount the camera on to my 21 inch display screen or fix it to the wall behind the display screen.

I am ok with with options like video recording with a camera and a headset for mic.

I want to spend as little as possible to achieve this goal.

Please post links of suggested items (if sold by amazon)

I will be erasing this data once every week. I am not keen only quality of video as long as i can record the audio clearly.

I have HP pavilion Bluetooth enabled) with touchscreen.

Kindly guide.
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The solution varies from using what you have to spending a few hundred dollars.
You could record the video using your phone. Just place your phone in a holder that will point it in the right location. Audio quality might be a problem due to the location of the microphone picking up room and other than the instructors audio.

You could use a webcam as well to some sort of video capture software.
Is the instructor going to be miked?


David, thank you
I would prefer a proper camera fix to a wall or the frame of the display monitor.
My instructor does not have a mic. I am happy to purchase a wired/bluetooth enabled mic to record the class.

Kindly guide.

Thank you


how do i assign marks to the experts.

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