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I need some assistance with an access query. I have a table, and there are 2 fields of interest, for now lets say Field9 (activity) and Field1 (date). the rows of data represent login activity to an application. The entries in Field9 can be either In, Out, Screensaver, Locked, Unlocked. What I need to do is to group on Field1 (date), to get a list of unique dates where none of the rows for that date contain the word Locked.

E.g. from this data:
Field1             Field9
25/09/2018   IN
25/09/2018   OUT
26/09/2018   IN
26/09/2018   LOCKED
26/09/2018   UNLOCKED
26/09/2018   OUT
27/09/2018   IN
27/09/2018   OUT

the query would return both 25/09/2018  and 27/09/2018 , as on both of those days, there was no locked entry in any of the rows for those dates, whereas for 26/09/2018 there was. Not sure what approach to use, I did think of group by count as a basis and manual filter of those results.
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You could try:

Select * 
From Table
Where Field1 Not In (Select Field1 From Table As T Where T.Field9 = "LOCKED")

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Another method, which might run quicker, depending on the size of your dataset would be:

SELECT yourTable.*
FROM yourTable
SELECT DISTINCT Field1 FROM yourTable WHERE Field9 = "Locked"
) as T ON yourTable.Field1 = T.Field1

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