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Personal Recommendation for MSP and/or RMM platforms or software

I am asking for recommendation on MSP and/or RMM platforms solutions or software--please provide your recommendations based on your personal experience and why you recommend it over any others--thanks.
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Thank you for that--I definitely was not looking at this like that, I was more trying to find a way to automate what I was doing manually--I clearly did not have a good grasp of what MSP's actually do. I will have to look at this afresh--thanks for that insight.
Do you have any other specific questions about what you are trying to automate?

I could go from there as well ... I was just trying to give you a good overview if you were in the "valley of decision."
Well basically I logon to my customers daily, check the virus scan and backup reports, and then on a weekly check event logs for servers, and check software for updates on most systems (adobe reader, firefox, chrome, office, itunes) and then twice a month verify that all systems windows updates are current. On a weekly basis run QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild. Also remote onto any system that is reported as problematic via RDP and repair. Was trying to see if there was a way to automate most of this so I can add a few more clients.
You can try NetCrunch network monitoring. It's an all-in-one suite, where you can pick out the various functions you need. When compared against its Solarwinds and PRTG competitors, it's much more scalable with a much lower footprint, much more intuitive GUI and general usage, and supports tons of devices out of the box (over 800,000). Most importantly, it's got a very appealing price point and should be considered on networks from say 50 devices up to really anything.

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Based on what you've said (Lionel), my advice would still stand, just add AV to the mix too. In addition, if you are not in a position to "push people in an AV brand's direction" then choose one who supports most of your existing clients plus more.

Also, I've never heard of NetCrunch but Michael's experience / recommendation should be considered ...
thanks--will read some more and get back to you
thanks for your time and my delay in resolving this is totally inexcusable. All these changes on EE recently has left me very frustrated and old communication from EE to remind me to close questions is what I relied on to remember to do this and without them I unfortunately forget, so very sorry.