How to Lookup/ reference between Excel table and Power Pivot

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Is it possible to perform, in Excel 2016, a Lookup from an Excel table (through Vlookup, other lookup/ reference functions, or its DAX equivalent Lookupvalue) into the data model (Power Pivot)?
My goal is to retrieve values from the data model into an Excel table.

The Excel table is composed of several thousands row. Each row needs to retrieve through Lookup/ reference functions a value from a table in the data model.
What would be the way to make this process the most efficient possible, from a time and resources perspective?

For example, is it possible to perform the lookup only when certain cell change?
What are the lookup and reference functions that are the most efficient?
If several hundreds of Lookups are to be performed simultaneously, how to optimize? VBA, existing tools?

Many thanks
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NBA, If I understand correctly, you might benefit from a free download called DAX Studio as well as this video:
The video's titled is "DAX Query to Export Data from Data Model to Excel Sheet"
At about minute 9, reference is made to the DAX "RELATED" command, which I think is akin to a regular VLOOKUP command in Excel.

DAX Studio is available from


Hi Paul,

Thanks a lot for your answer.
It actually solved more than one question I had :-)


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