How to remove mandatory filed check

Sumita K
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How to remove mandatory filed check in node js (loopback framework).

I commented below lines from html
<span class="errorForm" ng-show="(profileForm.uOccupation.$dirty || submitted) && (profileForm.uOccupation.$error.required)">
                                                <span class="errorForm" ng-show="profileForm.uOccupation.$error.required">Required</span>

so now alert is not coming on UI but now page is not submitting.
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Hi Sumita,

The code you have posted it just to show the error when the required field data is not entered.

If you wan to get rid of mandatory check then you should check the input control(textbox/textarea, radio etc) as you will see they will have the controlling attributes.
Check for ng-required there and get rid of that attribute.

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This looks like an AngularJS application.

We would need to see the rest of the code to be able to answer the question.

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